Should You Choose a New Construction Home?

Real Estate Rescue Idaho can help you get your perfect home

If you can't find your dream home, why not build it? A dedicated real estate agent can guide you through the entire experience, from breaking ground on your raw land to stepping over the threshold of your finished home.

Building a home from the ground up is a complicated process. Greg Ferrera at Real Estate Rescue Idahocan help you find the right land, home design and contractors. Streamline the new construction process by calling 208-559-0590 now.

Making new home construction a stress-free experience

Making new home construction a stress-free experience

Overseeing land development and construction is like a full-time job. Let an experienced professional deal with the day-to-day details for you. Greg Ferrera will...

  • Work with developers, builders and buyers on a daily basis
  • Keep you up-to-date on your home's progress and any developments
  • Guide you through unexpected events during the construction process
We've helped individuals build their dream homes for years. We can help you, too.